Multi dimensional effect marketing to achieve "two main" win-win situation
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In the implementation of alliance advertising, the advertisers in the upstream pay after seeing the effect of advertising, and expect to achieve the best advertising purpose with the least advertising expenses; while the website owners in the downstream are concerned about how to master the overall operation of the website and obtain benefits at the same time. China's leading effect marketing network transforms visitors into actual consumers of products to the greatest extent with marketing accuracy, so as to improve the overall marketing effect from multiple dimensions, so as to achieve a win-win situation between advertisers and website owners.

Multi dimensional value added marketing service

Optimization network provides users with value-added service tools such as precision orientation system, advertising publishing system and data monitoring system for free. It provides three free tools: traffic analysis system, intelligent distribution system and intelligent advertising manager. The flow analysis system helps the webmaster to scientifically analyze the website traffic and other data; the intelligent streaming system solves the problem of slow cross network access and effectively improves the access performance of the user's website; the intelligent selection advertising manager collects the flow of the network resources for realization, and the guild website owners can easily manage the advertising space resources. Using the three free tools, website owners can fully grasp the operation of the website and experience easy traffic management.

Multi dimensional effect monitoring optimization

From the optimization of advertising materials and the maintenance of the website to the optimization of the advertising effect before and after the landing, the website can optimize the advertising effect from the whole process of monitoring and monitoring the advertising materials before and after the launch. The complete and real data not only let advertisers clearly understand the whole launch process, but also provide scientific guidance for their follow-up marketing activities.

Multi dimensional precision orientation platform

Optimization network takes the lead in the introduction of targeted technology, and develops the multi-dimensional precision orientation platform of ad zone. The platform is based on the long-term accumulated user attribute data, takes the needs and interests of target users as the guidance, and goes beyond the media attribute level, adding external marketing factors such as time, space and environment to achieve multi-dimensional precision marketing effect. Targeted delivery targeting at targeted audience can greatly improve the conversion rate of users from paying attention to advertising to click and from Click to purchase, and change the embarrassing situation of "high click, low sales" of trading websites in the past. At the same time, according to the individual needs of advertisers, customized targeted delivery strategies, flexible ways greatly support the overall marketing strategy of advertisers.

Diversified effect billing mode

Optimized network provides CPA, CPC, CPS billing mode, catering to a variety of different types of advertisers, based on the actual effect of advertising, so that each investment is worth the money. The third-party payment platform also ensures the security of settlement.