WWDC whirlwind blows around the world
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At 1:00 a.m. on June 14, Beijing time, XX will hold the 2016 world wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The keynote speech on the first day of wwdc2016 will be held in the municipal hall of XXX, and the follow-up activities will still be held in the xxxmoscone West Convention and Exhibition Center. Xxxxx visited wwdc2016 in advance to bring all the students in front of the screen with the glory and expectation of developers.

In addition to the huge indoor propaganda slogans, Moscone West Exhibition Center has been covered with vertical banners. Although the painting style has not seen thousands of troops, it has been felt that this scientific and technological event has attracted the attention of the world.

Although Q1 performance is lower than expected, XX is still one of the most dynamic technology companies in the world. We also hope that XX can bring a surprise like "one more thing".

XXXX will bring the live broadcast and deep interpretation of WWDC2016. Welcome all students to keep your eyes on it. Make complaints about it with your editor.