"Small program" will bring benefits to garment processing industry
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With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, garment production and processing enterprises want to get more orders and passenger flow, it is particularly difficult. At present, the clothing industry is showing an extreme development state. The industry giant companies use the Internet to speed up running and constantly expand the industrial chain through mergers and acquisitions. The potential monopoly of offline resources and the high cost of online platform operation make many traditional offline clothing processing and sales and physical stores face more difficulties. The appearance of wechat small program brings new dawn for clothing industry. Compared with wechat business 1, compared with the limitations of information in the circle of friends, small programs can provide more accurate garment processing parameters, customers can self-service, order independently, saving more energy of manufacturers. 2. Compared with the circle of friends, too much product content is difficult to read, clothing processing products once missed is difficult to find and other problems, small programs provide anytime and anywhere browsing platform, and can also be one click collection, let you no longer worry. Complete functions, comparable to app 1, store management: support single store, multi store mode for online operation, to meet the needs of garment processing enterprises of different sizes. Even if it is a multi store operation, it is also a low-cost shop. Meili theory belongs to a large clothing mall with multi store resources. 2. Commodity management: it can carry out classified management of commodities, so that users can better select online, so as to carry out better online marketing. For example, in the classification column of mushroom street, there are specific categories of skirts, tops, pants, bags, accessories, etc. 3. Order payment: a variety of payment methods, no deposit, one button payment, how convenient consumers choose. 4. One click forwarding: favorite products can be forwarded to wechat friends with one click, which is much more convenient than "copy" and "paste" to open the shared content on other e-commerce platforms. 5. The functions of "custom keywords" and "nearby stores" opened earlier by wechat applet can also be used. Businesses can use the applet to expand the search scope, automatically push to the app page through the nearby stores, and open more traffic entrance. This is a good opportunity for clothing production industry to shape brand marketing. Since the vigorous development of Internet marketing model, XX clothing has been following the trend of development, actively learning and developing its own small program, which will be online soon. The development of small programs for the display of clothing processing strength, shaping clothing production brand has great help.