The technology of acrylic adhesive light cloth
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It is a newly developed manufacturing process to stick acrylic three-dimensional characters on the surface of lamp cloth film lamp box. The advantages and disadvantages of this process are not discussed here, but the method of this production process is briefly introduced. It can be divided into two cases. One is that the characters with small weight and light weight are generally within one meter square.

First, the film is fully pasted on the lamp cloth, and then the three-dimensional characters with good suction and trimming are placed on the cloth. After arranging the positions, draw the outline along the plastic absorption characters with a pencil, and then cut the film with an art knife and remove it; install the lamp box surface, tighten it, and then put the vertical position on the cloth Stick the font on the lamp cloth (do not stick it on the film). In the process of sticking, first use three seconds glue to fix the position. Put the three seconds into the syringe with a needle and apply glue along the periphery of the three-dimensional character. Be careful not to make too much flow on the film. In this process, the most important thing is to drill a small hole 2-3cm apart from the outer edge of all the lower parts of the blister character (the small hole can be drilled with a small hand electric drill with the diameter of about 0.5mm of the circuit board). Because in the vertical situation, the liquid glue can not be played upside down, so the three-dimensional character bottom is positioned by injecting glue into these holes;

For the second time, acrylic special glue is used, that is, the special glue used for mixing solid and liquid (available in the material market). The method of each pass is the most important. Please try your best to play it carefully, and do not miss it. Otherwise, ash, water and flying insects will enter the 3D characters after a long time;

The third time is to use transparent glass to close the edge to achieve waterproof function.

The second case is that the acrylic characters are larger and heavier. After the edges of the blister characters are fixed on the transparent acrylic plate, and then the edges are repaired. A transparent acrylic plate is placed inside the lamp cloth, and the two transparent acrylic plates are fixed together. The lamp cloth is clamped, and the glue is used to shine. From the lamp box, the important stereoscopic characters are hung on the metal structure with thin steel wire to reduce the standing The long-term influence of typeface on lamp box surface.